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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, November 5, 2019 A Day

Drama Club meeting today, come to room 201 at lunch to ck it out!


Also, there will be a Safe School Ambassador meeting happening at lunch today.  Reminder passes will be sent to you.  Thanks, Ms. Bellach


A reminder to GSA club members, there will be a meeting tomorrow, during lunch, in room F8



Due to the closures, both the Boys BB and VB seasons have been moved forward one week.  See below for the new tryout schedule.  Any questions, please see Ms. Thorpe



(READERS- Please only read the current day’s schedule)

Monday 11/4 

8th VB try outs 3:30-5:15

8th BB try outs 5:30-7:00- please meet your coaches at 5:15 in the cafeteria breezeway- Do not go into the gym and interrupt the VB tryout

7th BB 7:00-8:30- please meet you coach in the cafeteria breezeway at 6:50

Tuesday 11/5

8th VB tryouts continue 3:30-5:15

8th BB tryouts continue 5:30-7:00

7th BB tryouts continue 7:00-8:30 

Teams will be posted Wednesday morning outside the gym doors (both facing the quad and parent loop)  

**If a coach feels like they need a third day to assess some of the players they may do a first cut after the second day, meaning some players will be cut after the second day and some players will have one more day to tryout.

Wednesday 11/6 

7th VB 2:45- 4:30 tryout # 1

8th BB 4:45-6:15

7th BB 6:15-7:45

Thursday 11/7

7th VB 3:30-5:15 tryout # 2

8th VB 5:15-6:45

7th bb 7:00-8:30

7th VB team will be posted Friday Morning

Friday 11/8 Practice

7th VB 3:30-5:15

8th BB 5:30- 7:00