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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, June 4, 2019 B Day

A reminder to get your textbooks turned in before the Hoopla Wednesday.  If you don’t take care of business, then no Hoopla for you,  (and you don’t want that to happen!)


If you want to order a yearbook, see Ms. Wedell.  Remember its cash only, $50.


Today is our school wide FT day.  Everyone right now should be sitting in their 2nd period class.  After the bulletin we will be making all calls excusing each of the grade levels…..there are a few of you who are not going on field trips today.  Here is where you are going when the all calls are made:  8th graders, go to room 203; 6/7 graders go to room F8.  The teachers will then tell you your remaining classrooms for the rest of the day.


A reminder to all that tomorrow is our Hornet Hoopla day….If you are not able to attend due to Textbook or other LOP, you will be receiving a note during your 3rd or 5th period class telling you where to report.  After lunch all students will go to their Advisory classrooms and wait for the announcements of when to come to the Hoopla.  LOP students will then make their way to the Library instead.  So those of you who are still missing your textbooks, either get them turned in or pay for them and then you can join in the fun!


It’s not too early to remind you all that this Thursday is the final day of school (don’t cry!) and that it is also a minimum day, which means you are out at 12:45.  Be sure your parents know to come and pick you up early…and 8th graders, you will be coming back that evening for your final farewell to Adele Harrison when you receive your Promotion Certificates and officially become High Schoolers!  It’s going to be a lovely evening, so hope you all can attend!