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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, May 30, 2019 A Day

Attention 6th and 7th graders! Today is the student body election during advisory. All 6th and 7th graders are invited to attend. Please go to your advisory class first, and then you will be excused to go to the gym to hear the speeches and vote for your 2019-2020 ASB officers. 


Listen up Adele! Tomorrow is Purple Pinky Day. This fundraiser is sponsored by the Rotary of Sonoma Valley who are raising money to eradicate Polio in the world. If you donate $1, you will get your pinky dyed purple and you will get to pick out one Otter Pop. If you pick a purple Otter Pop you will get to pick out a second one. This all happens tomorrow, Friday, at lunch in the quad.


If you missed the two turn in days for textbooks, you still have time to take care of business.  You may return your books to Ms. Harrison in the Library OR you may pay for your books if you cannot find them.  Either way works….just make sure you don’t return your books now to your teachers, cuz then you will not be removed from the LOP list.  Thanks!


If you want to order a yearbook, see Ms. Wedell.  Remember its cash only, $50.


Hey 8th graders….a reminder to those of you who received your letter about 8th grade awards, that the event happens this evening, at 6:30 in the gym.


And on Friday we have our final Rally….it’s a bit longer than usual, but we have the same class schedule as we always do, just a bet shorter for each class.   Friday will also be our final Compressed Math/Algebra class switch, AND our final day for 0 period….just so you all know.