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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin, April 2, 2019 A Day

Did you bring in a See’s Easter candy order this morning?  Well they were due yesterday, so you better get them to the Office right now (ask your teacher if you can come to the office first!).  Thanks, Ms. VH


Safe School Ambassadors…you have a lunch time meeting TODAY…passes will be sent.  See you there, Ms. Bellach


Dodgeball Madness- Guess what time of the year it is???........It is Spring Dodgeball Madness time!!! This round you are able to create your own team of eight with no restrictions.  If you are wanting to submit a team you must do following things:

 Grab a team sign up from Ms Thorpe or up in the office.  Make sure to have each members first and last name on the roster as well as a Team Name. If there are any teams that have a duplicate player on the roster those teams will be turned back to you and not entered into the tournament until fixed.   You have until Friday 4/5 to turn in your teams.  The start of the tournament has yet to be determined.  The winners of this tournament will play the High School Dodgeball All Star team.  


High School Football Info- Listen up all 8th graders. Are you interested in playing Football at high school or would you like to hear information on the football program?? Coach Hervy will be coming to Adele at lunch on Tuesday April 9th to talk to anyone interested in wanting to know more information about the program. He will meet you in the gym after the 10 minute bell.  If you have any questions see Ms Thorpe


Spring Pictures The Spring Pictures have arrived. The pictures will be passed out in your PE class on Monday 4/1 and Tuesday 4/2.  Here are the directions that you are to follow with the purchasing of your Spring Pictures. 

1) Take the pictures home to let your parent/guardians to take a look at- inside the envelope of pictures is also the breakdown of costs per each sheet of pictures. Take a look at this breakdown when submitting your payments.  

2) If you would like to purchase any of the pictures you can choose any of the following options: 

Purchase the entire package- submit the payment for the package to Ms Thorpe in PE 

Purchase however many sheets you would like- submit the payment for those sheets you want to keep and return the sheets of the pictures you do not want to Ms Thorpe in your PE class.  

3) If you do not want any of the pictures you can return the entire package back to Ms Thorpe in your PE class. 

One of these three options must take place. If any pictures are damaged or lost it will be your responsibility to pay for those pictures lost or damaged.   The deadline for payments or returning the pictures is Friday 4/12. If you have any questions please contact Ms Thorpe.

Thank you!


Track practice schedule 

Monday 3:30-4:45

Tuesday- no practice

Wednesday 2:45-4:15

Thursday- Home meet- dismissed from class at 2:20