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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin

Hey, some of you have asked about Picture re-take day….it will be happing in a couple of weeks, Wednesday Sept. 26th.  More details will be posted later.


Heads up all Adele Students.  Beginning next Monday, Sept. 24th, we will be starting Hornet Nest afterschool program. 6th graders you will be getting information on this during Advisory tomorrow, everyone else you know how this works!  If you are wanting to stay after (HHH, volunteer homework help program) for now you will be in the Library to work IF there is room.  We are still looking for an adult to run this program.  Thanks


Who is ready to play some dodgeball intramurals?!!!  Ms Thorpe is excited to put on the upcoming Fall Dodgeball tournament.  The rules for the this round of the dodgeball madness requires that each team of 8 players have at least 2 6th graders, 2 7th graders, 2 8th graders and 2 girls on each roster.    This is a great way to get as many students involved and working together.  The games will be played at lunch after the 10 minute bell in the gym. If you are interested in playing in this tournament be sure to grab a Team Sign up form from either Ms Thorpe or the main office and sign up your team ASAP. Ms Thorpe will only be taking teams this Monday thru Wednesday. The tournament will start next week. Pay attention to the announcements for the the schedule. I hope to see you all apart of the madness!!


Week 9/17/18 (Readers, only say the current day schedule)



Monday practice 3:30 – 5:00

Tuesday AWAY Game vs. ALTIMIRA.  7th grade team out at 3:05

Wednesday practice 2:45-4:15

Thursday AWAY game vs Tech in Rohnert Park:  7th grade out at 2:30 for 2:45 departure

                                                                                     NO 8TH GRADE GAME


Cross country

Practice Tuesday 3:30-4:30

Practice Wednesday 3:00 – 4:00

Thursday Away Meet @. Helen Putnam in Petaluma.  Team dismissed at 2:30 for 2:45




Monday practice 3:30-5:15

Tuesday HOME game vs Calistoga.  Team out at 2:50

Wednesday practice 2:45-4:15

Thursday AWAY game vs Healdsburg.  Team out at 1:45 (end of lunch, ck in to your 5th period

                                                                                  teachers first!) for a 2:00 departure.