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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin

Yup you heard that right, tomorrow is the last day of school.  We are on a Minimum day schedule and you will be done at 12:45.  8th graders, you need to make sure you are here at school tomorrow, because that is when we do our promotion practice, if you don’t attend, you may not participate in the ceremony that evening.  If you have questions about this, come see Ms. VH in the office during break today

Also 8th graders, don’t forget we have the Promotion Dance happening this evening at Altimria.  The dance is from 7:00 to 9:30….Hope to see you all there!


Hey Builders’ Club.  We will be having our last meeting of the year on Wednesday (today).  Come to room 503 at lunch for the meeting



Hornet Hoopla is today…..if you are still on Textbook LOP you will be getting a notice of where you need to report for the event.  If you have your textbook in your back pack right now, ask your teacher to let you come to the Library to turn it in!  Thanks.


Here is the schedule for today for the web site:

Hornet Hoopla Schedule

Wednesday May 30th (A Day)

1st    Period    9:00 – 9:50          50 min


Break               9:50 – 10:05         15 min


3rd    Period    10:08 – 10:57       47 min


5th    Period     11:00– 11:47      47 min


Lunch:         *11:47 – 12:25       38 min

*Leadership class report to backtop

After lunch, all students will report to their Advisory classes.

12:35 Spirit class winning grade released to attend Hoopla

(those on LOP to report to Library)- Announced over intercom

1:00 Remaining grades released to attend Hoopla- Announced over intercom

(those on LOP to report to Library)

2:15 Hoopla closes.  All students (including those on LOP) report back to Advisory classes.  Pick up emergency packs if applicable to take home

  • Leadership cleans up


2:29  Final bell, students released