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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin

TODAY is the final day of 0 period of the year.  Next week you just need to be here to do your usual A and B day classes.

AND today is also the last ADVISORY class of the year.


Happy last Friday of the school year everyone!  And don’t forget, on Monday it’s Memorial Day, so there is no school.  When we come back on Tuesday it’s the school wide field trip day, so make sure you come to school prepared for your FT.  Here’s a few details

6th graders going on the Sebastiani trip, you will ck in with your 2nd period teachers for roll call and bulletin.  Then you will rally on the black top to walk to plaza.  Wear comfortable shoes!

7th graders, go to 2nd , then after the bulletin listen for the all call to come and get on your bus. Remember you do not need your backpacks for this day

8th graders, go to 2nd, then after the bulletin wait for the all call and then report to the quad area to wait to board your bus for 6 Flags (7th graders are boarding first).  If you have a season pass for the park, don’t forget it, and remember there is no outside food allowed in the park. 

That’s it.  See you on Tuesday


Woo-wee, have you seen the textbook LOP list yet???  Be sure to ck it, even if you think you turned in your textbooks….if you are on this list you will not be able to attend Hornet Hoopla.  If you still have books out, get them to the Library ASAP.  Thanks


The new Yearbook looks fab!  What’s that, you didn’t get one?….there’s still time!  They are on sale again today during lunch.  $50 cash only.  See Ms. Wedell if questions.


Wow, the awards event was great last night.  If you were unable to get there, we will be sending passes out to those of you who didn’t receive your awards sometime today.


Attention Compressed Math students…..make a note and tell your parents too that yesterday was the final day of your Altimira Compressed Math class.  For the last two B days of the school year (next Tuesday and Thursday) you will be going to room 203 for your 2nd period class.  Thanks!



The bell schedule for today (for parents looking at the bulletin on the web)


A Day

1st Period      9 - 10:15  (75)

Adv (Last one)   10:18 - 10:41

Brk                   10:41 - 10:56 (15)

3rd Period    10:59 - 12:11 (72)

Lunch                        12:11 - 12:50 (39)

5th Period     12:53 - 2:05 (72)

Walk to gym (leave BP in class)

Rally 2:10 - 3:10

Back to 5th for dismissal bell