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Adele Harrison MS Student Bulletin

Textbook collection continues, however now you need to return your books to Ms. Harrison in the Library NOT to your teachers (unless it’s a classroom reading book, they go back to them).  Ms. Harrison has a list of all textbooks that have not been turned in, and you need to return your books to her to get off the textbook LOP list. 


The Yearbooks have arrived!  Come to the quad at lunch today, May 24th or Friday, May 25th.  We will have tables set up in alphabetical order and a special table for personalized yearbooks pick-up.   Yearbooks will also be available to buy at $50 with cash.  Thanks, Ms. Wedell


Our 8th grade Awards Night happens TONIGHT May 24th.  Invitations have been mailed out to the families of our award recipients, so be sure to check your mail.  The event starts at 6:30 and we suggest that you park in the high school parking lot, or on the street, as our staff parking lot will be closed so presenters can use it.  It’s going to be a wonderful evening.  See you there!


Attention all Bus Riders….beginning this week the bus drivers will begin collecting all bus passes …you must return your bus pass so that you can get a new one for next year.  If your parents have questions, have them call the transportation department at 935-6092.


Attention Compressed Math students…..make a note and tell your parents too that TODAY is the final day of your Altimira Compressed Math class.  For the last two B days of the school year (next Tuesday and Thursday) you will be going to room 203 for your 2nd period class.  Thanks!


Also, students who have 0 period classes, tomorrow will be the final day of 0 period of the year.  Next week you just need to be here to do your usual A and B day classes.


AND one more thing….tomorrow will be your last ADVISORY class of the year…..just so you all know!