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Adele Harrison Middle School Student Bulletin

The will be a Women Empowerment Club meeting today in room 401 at lunch today


Also there will be a club Leadership meeting in room 400 today, also during lunch






Athletics:  Readers please only read the day that is in bold….Thanks!

Practice schedule for 11/27-12/1


Monday 11/27

8th Boys Basketball 3:30-5:00

7th Boys Basketball 5:00-6:30

8TH VB 6:30-8:30

7th VB 6:30-8:00


Tuesday 11/28

Boys BB Away vs. Calistoga.  7th grade team out at 2:00 for a 2:15 departure

8th grade team out at 2:55 for a 3:10 departure

Volleyball HOME vs. Calistoga.  7th grade team out at 2:50


Wednesday 11/29

8th Boys Basketball 2:45-4:15

7th Boys Basketball 4:15-5:45

8th VB 6:00-8:00

7TH VB 6:30-8:00


Thursday 11/30 

Boys BB HOME vs. St Vincents; 7th grade plays only, team out at 3:05.  8TH GRADE TEAM TO PRACTICE

  W/ 7TH GRADE TEAM AFTER GAME.  Will be finished at 6:30.

Volleyball AWAY vs St Vincent 8TH Grade team out at 2;40 for 2:55 departure.  NOTE:  There is no 7th grade game


Friday 12/1

Practice TBD