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Adele Harrison Student Bulletin

Hey, you heard that right, we have a three day weekend coming up….see you all back here on Tuesday the 5th!


Whew, it’s HOT!  What a great day for Jamba Juice to be here!  Hope you all brought your $4!


So today is our first rally of the year, but were’ going to do things a bit differently due to the heat.  After the bulletin is done and your backpacks are all stored, your teachers will walk you over the gym first thing this morning to do the rally.  After the rally, you go back to your 1st period class to have your usual class.  Break will be after and then onto to 3rd, Lunch and 5th.  Your Advisory class will be at the end of the day instead. 


A message from the Yearbook class:  Hey Hornets, do you want to remember the 2017-2018 school year?  Order your yearbook before Sept. 29th, because it’s only $40 and the lowest price!   AND if you order your yearbook before Sept 29th you get a mystery prize the following week!  After the 29th the price will increase, so remember buy your yearbook soon!  Forms are in the office.  Thanks, the Yearbook Class




No practices today (Friday)


(readers, do not say this on Friday please)

Week of 9/4

BB practice Tues and Thurs this week; 3:30 – 5.  No practice on Wednesday or Friday, but there will be a meeting during lunch about uniforms on Friday.


Soccer practice Tuesday, Thursday 3:30- 5:15.  Wednesday 2:45 – 4:30.  All at SVHS


Cross Country practice Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:30