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Athletics Update (12/2/2020)

Season 1 (football, volleyball, cross country, water polo) has been postponed. Attached is the December 1, 2020 statement from the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) regarding our Season 1 start date.

CIF Statement - Due to the continued surge in COVID-19 infections, the California Department of Public Health has postponed the issuance of its updated youth sports guidance. The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) does not expect the CDPH will issue any guidance allowing for schools to return to full practice and competition until after January 1, 2021, at the earliest. Thus, all full practice and competition start dates are officially on hold until updated guidance is issued.

 NCS Statement - "I know that many of you are frustrated with the lack of guidance up to this point, we as a section and statewide as Commissioners are also very frustrated with the same thing. The CIF’s continued efforts to work with our State has, unfortunately, produced no updated guidelines on their part. As a result, the CIF has decided to cancel their Regional Championships for Season 1 so as to give sections another week of play. Additionally, Boys Volleyball will move back into Season 2 in hopes of giving them back a full season that was lost last year. As a section, we will continue to wait on updated guidelines from CDPH. While I do not anticipate any guidance from them until after the holidays, if we receive anything we will communicate that immediately. When we have those guidelines we will move accordingly to begin season 1. In the meantime, come December 7th schools may continue to do what counties allow currently but may not start practice under those current guidelines. We have also targeted January 19th as a date to alert our schools about a decision to either continue with Section Championships or give those weeks back to our leagues to extend league play."

Once we, Sonoma Valley High School, receive a directive from the CIF-NCS, county, or district, we will be sure to rapidly communicate the new information to everyone. It is important to note that while the CIF-NCS has authority over high school sports in California, individual counties and districts have ultimate control over their schools. What this means is that if the CIF-NCS cancel seasons or athletics altogether, then that is the directive all member schools must follow. If the CIF-NCS does not cancel athletics, the decision to participate is still ultimately left to counties and school districts.

We recognize these are challenging times for everyone, but we especially empathize with our student-athletes. We can assure you that we will continue to advocate for scenarios in which our student-athletes can participate in any capacity at all, while still keeping the health and safety of all involved as our primary priority. We hope to have more information for you all soon, but please don't hesitate to contact Athletic Director, Mike Boles at 
Go Dragons!