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District Construction Projects Happening Summer 2020

District Construction Projects – Below is a list of construction projects happening this summer:

 Creekside Campus Modernization

  • Improve the interior and exterior finishing. Improve outdoor gather space and improve common area in campus. The big improvement will be opening up the outdoor spaces they were dark and dingy. Also make the center of the building more of a multipurpose room.  

El Verano New Multi-Purpose Room

  • Build new Multi-Purpose room which will allow for all student and staff gatherings, improve lunch facilities, and improve performance facilities.

Adel Gym Modernization

  • Improve locker facilities, renew gym floor, add dance, drama performance practice space.

SVHS Track and Field Modernization

  • Improve all sports fields, enable teams to play home games, enable night games, provides SVHS will outdoor space to handle mayor events like graduation. 

SVHS Culinary Modernization

  • Rebuild the culinary classroom to improve career technology education.

Sonoma Charter School Portable replacements

  • Replace all old portables with modern classroom buildings. Introduce 21stcentury furniture and technology to the classrooms.


Not Bond funded

Provide power backup capabilities for Altimira, Flowery, Dunbar and the District Office. These are the most likely to lose power in a PG&E power outage. Install MicroGrids in Altimira and the District Office.

Install a MicroGrid at the bus yard for power outage and support for electric busses.