Mimi Sommer



Room: F9

Email: msommer@sonomaschools.org

Mimi Sommer, Math

Department(s): Math

Degrees and Certifications
BA, University of Michigan; Teaching Credential, SFSU; Masters of Education; SFSU; Trellis Education Founding Mentor Fellow

Teaching at Adele since 2006

Special Interests
Mentoring teachers, Traveling, Reading, Art, Cooking, Family

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  • About Learning in This Class

    Above everything else, the purpose of this class is to encourage you to THINK, to develop LOGICAL THINKING SKILLS, to DEVELOP THE ABILITY TO ARGUE YOUR POINT WITH REASONING and to PERSEVERE. To become a strong member of our local and global communities, you need to know how to use reason, and you need to trust yourself to think things through logically. A lot of learning math is spending time developing the skills you need to do logical thinking. Math class is also about learning how to stick with a problem until you work it out. It's about perseverance. Specifically, the purpose of this class is to provide you with the instruction and information you need in order to learn the required math for your grade. I will work hard to give you the best instruction possible. I look forward to your hard work and to your best effort with your class work and homework. I am looking forward to a terrific year with you. Let's have fun! Welcome to the class!

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  • I'm happy to be here at Adele Harrison teaching Math 8 and Advisory. I look forward to working with all of you! I hope you can always see the beauty and fun in learning, and in math in particular. I hope you feel the satisfaction of working hard and putting in good effort. 
    I live in Walnut Creek, which is a long, but very beautiful drive from school. Every morning I get the big view of the Sonoma hills as I drive into town. I love how Sonoma looks in every season and in every type of weather. 
    I have a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan. I have my master's in education and my teaching credential from San Francisco State University. I grew up in Palo Alto, and I love to spend time with my family, to travel, to read, and to cook. Please feel free to contact me through Schoolloop if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you.
    707-935-6080 ext. 3034
    Books and Resources:
    You can often find help at the CPM website, cpm.org/textbooks. Navigate to your book, then look on the left for homework help, for example. I also sent you an email in schoolloop to have access to even more of the textbook.
    In addition to the CPM textbook, here are two books that I find helpful:
    Math on Call: A Mathematics Handbook by Andrew Kaplan. There are a few editions of this, but this is a basic resource that can remind adults and students about how to do some of the work. It is a reference book that can take you from your math class now through most of high school math. New is about $20 on Amazon, but used is even cheaper.
    What's Math Got to do With It? by Jo Boaler. Dr. Boaler is at Stanford and has done a great deal of research on how students learn math. I have seen her present a number of times. This book focuses on math education in the United States. It is very informative but can get a bit repetitive at times. I suggest that if you feel like you understand the main idea of the chapter, just go on to the next one. The last few chapters speak specifically to parents about how to support math thinking at home. Dr. Boaler also has a terrific website, youcubed.org, that has information specifically for parents.