El Verano offers several opportunities for parents and families to participate in their child’s education. Your input and support is vital to the success of your child and our school. We invite families to attend meetings via newsletter, fliers, stickers and phone calls.

    The parent groups (ELAC & PTO) and staff at El Verano is committed to making better use of our time and our efforts more efficient.

    Currently we have two groups the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). Each group has a specific purpose within the school. The PTO is responsible for event planning and fund raising. The ELAC is charged with providing input with regards to their child’s education. Each group has an executive board that includes a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer (PTO only) and communication officer.


    Our ELAC meetings are held once a month on the last Friday of the month at 6:00. Our PTO meetings are held twice a year. Meetings will be announced in the newsletters.

    Both groups help raise funds for the school, plan events, discuss student achievement and support. Please join us!!

    The PTO and ELAC Executive Boards will meet with me independently to evaluate and determine event and fund raising needs of the school. Additionally, the ELAC will examine the needs of English Language Learners.  Communication between the two groups will occur between the presidents and the communication officers. This is to insure that the PTO and ELAC are aware of each others needs and the El Verano SMART Nights or Math Nights can focus on how to help our children succeed. Also, parents are welcome to come to the executive board meetings if anyone is interested.

    When we are in need of mobilizing our parent community for fund raising and organizing events we will activate what is known as our phone tree. The phone tree is a group of parents who have volunteered to call parents and ask for time or donations. If you are interested in volunteering for our phone tree please call our parent coordinator Gennifer Caven at 935-6050. 

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    PTO Board  

    The PTO Executive Board Officers are:

    Stacy Schoeningh - President

    Steph Clark - Vice President

    Tiffany Briggs - Communications

    Rene Hudson and Maci Jerry - Tresurers

    Leslie Benzon - Secretary

    ELAC Board

    The ELAC Executive Board Officers are:

    Juanita Padilla - President

    Ana Rios - Vice President

    Gero Bataz - Secretary

    Amelia Gutierrez - DELAC Rep