• We are looking to fill an open position on the committee.

    The requirements for this open position are that you must be either a SVUSD Site Admin or SVUSD Staff Member.

    If your interested, please email your intent to volunteer to Joshua Braff Jbraff@sonomaschools.org

    Thank you 

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  • Future Meetings

    • TBD
  • Past Meetings

    • Public Zoom Meeting Wednesday January 18, 2023 @ 5pm


  • Facilities Naming Committee

    The Committee will develop the criteria and process the District will undertake for the naming of District buildings, facilities and fields, as well as make naming recommendations to the Superintendent, who in turn will make a recommendation to the Board.

    Committee membership is established by an open volunteer process. Selection of the committee members will be made by the Superintendent. The membership of the Facility Naming Committee shall consist of eleven (11) permanent members and up to 2 Ad Hoc members. 

    Permanent members will live or work in the District and will include:
    *One (1) SVUSD District Office representative who shall serve as the administrative lead to call and conduct meetings;
    *Two (2) parents/guardians of current or former SVUSD students;
    *Two (2) SVUSD alumni;
    *Three (3) Sonoma Valley Staff members/Site administrators;  
    *Three (3) at-large members of the community or any of the above categories.
    *Up to two (2) Ad-Hoc Student members who are recognized student leaders attending the applicable school site will be selected upon receipt of a nomination related to that site.
    Initial Committee Permanent members will serve for three (3) years. Initial members volunteering to serve a second term will hold staggered terms  and will be randomly selected for 1, 2, or 3 year second terms.

    In naming a building, facility or field, the District will utilize the following criteria:

    • Following tradition in the Sonoma Valley, primary consideration should be given to individuals who have made a significant contribution and created or enhanced programs in SVUSD or made a significant contribution to the local community.  The naming criteria will focus on local (Sonoma Valley) individuals, in addition to state or national.
    • The Board may consider naming buildings, parts of buildings or athletic fields in honor of the contributions of students, staff members and community members who have been deceased for at least one year. The name of a living individual may be considered.
    • A name may not be considered if an existing school, facility, field or portion of a school or facility, is already and actively named for that person.
    • Recognizing that Sonoma Valley is a multicultural community and that the ethnic and cultural composition of the community may change, the name selected should have broad acceptance in a multicultural society.
    • Non-individual or geographic names may also be considered.
    • No donors shall be able to purchase naming rights at any district school or facility. Recognition of donations can be reflected on buildings and other facilities by plaques or other methods of labeling.
    • The naming committee will focus on permanent or long-term facilities. Non-permanent and semi-permanent items like gardens, benches, sports equipment, etc. can be named by the school sites.
    • The naming committee will not permit any message, image or other depiction that advocates or endorses the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, encourages unlawful discrimination against any person or group, or promotes the use of violence or the violation of any law or district policy.
    • The Board of Trustees reserve the authority to terminate the naming right if it determines that the individual(s), subsequent to being selected, has engaged in any of the prohibited acts stated in the item directly above or other criminal or unlawful acts that might bring the district into disrepute.


  • Mission Statement:
    Pursuant to Board Policy 7310, the Sonoma Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees encourages community participation in the process of selecting names for schools or individual buildings, facilities and/or fields. Naming and renaming efforts shall be conducted as a cooperative effort between the District, the involved school(s) and the community with an opportunity for community involvement in all applicable phases. The Facilities Naming Committee will review name suggestions and submit recommendations for the Board’s consideration consistent with the Process described below.

  • Process:

    1. Any SVUSD employee, alumni, student, parent or any community member may nominate a name for an existing, unnamed or new facility.

    2.The nomination, which must be submitted to the Superintendent’s Executive Assistant, Kyra Sherman ksherman@sonomaschools.org, must also be set forth:

    • The name and contact information of the nominator.
    • The name and contact information of  the individual or geographic region being nominated;
    • Years of service to the district or community for the person being nominated if applicable;
    • The reason for the nomination:
    • The contributions of the individual to the school, district or community;
    • A letter from the family or descendants of the individual (if such may be located) giving their consent to the use of the name; and
    • 100 signatures in support of the nomination from community members that demonstrate a cross section of the community
  • Facilities Naming Committee Members

    • David Corona - Parent or Guardian of current or former SVUSD students
    • Dennis Housman - SVUSD Site Admin or Staff Member
    • Karen O'Hara - Parent or Guardian of current or former SVUSD students
    • Leslie McLean - at-large member of the community
    • Mary Sweeters - SVUSD Alumni 
    • Nancy Garner - at-large member of the community 
    • Richard Smith - at-large member of the community 
    • Shawn Martin - SVUSD Alumni 
    • Wendy Swanson - SVUSD Site Admin or Staff Member 
    • TBD - SVUSD Site Admin or Staff Member 
    • Joshua Braff - SVUSD District Office representative who shall serve as the administrative lead to call and conduct meetings
    • TBD - Ad-Hoc Student Members (who are recognized student leaders attending the applicable school site) 
    • TBD - Ad-Hoc Student Members (who are recognized student leaders attending the applicable school site)