Erik Olmsted

Erik Olmsted 

Spanish Teacher

World Language

707-933-4010 ext. 5257

Spanish Teacher Erik Olmsted 707-933-4010 ext. 5257

Phone: 707-933-4010 ext. 5257


Erik Olmsted, Spanish Teacher

Department(s): World Language

Degrees and Certifications
B.S. Mathematics, Spanish courses at 9 schools & universities

Spanish Teacher, University of Massachusetts. Spanish-English & English-Spanish Translator. Spanish-English & English-Spanish Interpreter (including via telephone & in hospitals). English Teacher in Mexico & Brazil. Portuguese-English Translator.


Using technology for language teaching & learning, including developing a computerized glossary & vocabulary management program integrated with texts, notes & lists. Developing a Spanish curriculum to integrate culture & language topics with the creation of a fictional character from a Spanish-speaking country.

Fluent in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

Students have joined Spanish I or Spanish II classes on Google Classroom and Quizlet.