Creekside Senior Portfolio 2017-2018

  • Senior Portfolio Requirements:

    Creekside Senior Portfolio 2017-2018


    9/29/17 “Real Life Applicable Skills in Writing” - Work on in English

    ꗃ  Cover Letter

    ꗃ  Resume


    10/1/17 - 3/1/18 - FAFSA or Dream Act & Doyle (if student qualifies)

    ꗃ  10/4/17 - English Placement Test for JC

    ꗃ  2/18 - Math Placement Test for JC


    12/22/17 “A Plan for Post-Secondary Education…” - Work on in English

    ꗃ  Career Exploration Paper


    Community Service Hours at non-profit or other approved organization (see

    Ms Ellis for approval).

    9/29/17 ꗃ  Volunteer Hours Location and Supervisor chosen and Form returned

    1/8/18   ꗃ  Complete half of Volunteer Hours (15 hours total - 7.5 by 1/8/18)

    4/10/18 ꗃ  All 15 Community Service hours completed

    4/17/18 ꗃ  Thank you Letter due after volunteer hours completed.


    4/20/18 “Real Life Applicable Skills in Math” - Work on in Economics

    ꗃ  H&R Block Budget Project


    4/10/18 “Real Life Applicable Skills in Science” - Work on in Math/Science

    ꗃ  Environmental Awareness   ꗃ  Healthy Lifestyle   ꗃ  Growth Mindset


    4/10/18 Visual Aid for Oral Presentation

    ꗃ  Google Slides with components of Portfolio

    ꗃ  Images - photos of your Volunteer Experience and Career Choice.

    ꗃ  Documents - Saved in your Senior Portfolio Folder in the Cloud and shared

    with Ms Ellis.


    ꗃ  Final Portfolio due 4/10/18.


    ꗃ  Oral presentations between 4/16/18 & 4/27/18.