Tech Support by Appointment

  • I need technology orientation

    If you are a new staff or an existing staff who received new technology, please book a time with our IT department. A technician will meet with you to assist you with your new techn, whether it's hardware, software, access to accounts, phones, etc. For questions, call our helpdesk at ext. 7000 or email us.


  • I need general support with technology

    If you need general assistance with hardware (i.e.: computers, phones, prinetrs, media carts, etc.) or software (i.e.: Google Apps, MS-Office, Go Guardian, any academic software, etc.) please book an appointment with IT and a technician will contact you shortly. For emergencies, please contact our helpdesk at ext. 7000 or email us at

  • I need assistance with SIS/Powerschool

    For technical support with SIS/Powerschool, please click on the button above to schedule a phone appointment with Cathy Bosdtedt. If it's an emergendy please call our helpdesk at 7000 or email us.